The City of Windhoek has officially announced the annual electricity rate increase for the current fiscal year, which was implemented on July 1.

The announcement is in line with the Electricity Act 4 of 2007, Section 36(5)(b), which requires regional councils or councils of local authorities to make public announcements before the introduction of a new load or royalty.

“The City of Windhoek is pleased to inform all residents of Windhoek that there will be an effective average electricity rate increase of 7.8% for the 2022/23 financial year,” the city recently announced. .

The announcement states that for the city to be a smart and caring city, it must promote social and economic development through affordable electricity tariffs, being aware that electricity is an essential commodity.

“The City of Windhoek will remain committed to ensuring a safe, reliable and high-quality electricity provider for the people of Windhoek,” the city said.

Windhoek city spokesman Harold Akwenye said increases in electricity tariffs are published by the government.

“The supplier we buy our electricity from, NamPower, has also increased its tariffs, so we have decided to increase ours as well,” Akwenye said.

Meanwhile, Windhoek’s regular city council meeting held on Wednesday approved some projects.

Among them is the recovery of power infrastructure assets within the extended boundaries of Windhoek.

The City Council has mandated the Windhoek City Electricity Strategic Executive to approach NamPower and other private entities within the extended boundaries of Windhoek to negotiate the takeover of electricity infrastructure.

According to the council, all municipal services are provided by the City of Windhoek, with the exception of electricity distribution, which is still provided by NamPower.

The city said it had tried several times since 2011 to take over power infrastructure in Brakwater, Döbra, Nubuamis and Groot Aub.

In addition, the council approved the replacement of old prepaid electricity meters with Standard Transfer Specification (STS) compliant meters to manage the token ID rollover process to prevent meters from being out of order. of range, preventing them from accepting new tokens.

The city of Windhoek currently has 54,009 prepaid electricity meters installed with an annual revenue of over N$533 million.

Another approval was made for the sale of 10,812 Erf in Katutura to the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA) to establish a Trauma and Rehabilitation Center.

The erf is worth 21 million Namibian dollars, excluding value added tax.

The MVA Fund would be responsible for extending or upgrading the surrounding road network.

The City of Windhoek gave the MVA Fund time to finalize the sale within 90 days of the land allocation, otherwise the property would be allocated to other applicants.

The city has also approved the construction of alienating housing as part of its affordable housing program.

The council said it would start its housing program through a pilot project on eight residential ervens in Khomasdal.

According to the council, the construction of eight houses in Khomasdal extends the construction of affordable houses from informal settlements to other parts of the city.

The erven where the houses will be built is located at the corner of Sigma and Visarend streets in Khomasdal.

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