Toni Braxton was a Sensual R&B singer since the 1990s. Known for her love songs and heartache songs, some of her hits have been the soundtrack of weddings and breakups. The singer struggled with financial problems and health problems but always managed to emerge victorious.

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After selling over 15 million copies of her second album in 1996, fans were confused when she filed for bankruptcy, claiming she had a an incredible debt of $ 50,000,000. Thankfully, she recovered from the blow, but filed a second claim in 2010, leaving fans wondering how that could be.

Toni Braxton files for bankruptcy after the success of her mega-hit, “Unbreak My Heart”

In 1996, Toni Braxton was on top of the world. His romantic ballad, “Unbreak My Heart”, became the flagship song of the year, and ultimately of his career. She released her second album, Secrets, and revealed a sexier and more mature look than her fans knew her. She won numerous awards for the album, including a Grammy.

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Fans were stunned when Toni filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in January 1998 after a sold-out world tour and millions of albums sold. At the time of filing, her music had generated more than $ 170 million in sales for her first two albums combined, leading most to assume that she was enjoying the fruits of her labor. They were wrong. The move came just weeks after she sued her record company, Arista / LaFace, to end her recording contract. Toni’s lawyer said to Los Angeles Times that Toni was only getting 33 cents per album, which made it impossible to make money from album sales.

The lawsuit against Arista / LaFace revealed more about his mediocre recording deal. Variety reported in December 1997 that Toni’s lawyers argued that because of her superstar status, she was entitled to a better deal – one that included a higher royalty rate and advances to other artists on the label. After weeks of fruitless negotiations, Toni filed for bankruptcy.

Toni Braxton receives settlement from record company after filing for bankruptcy

With the exception of an interview Toni did on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Toni did not talk about what led to the bankruptcy filing. Toni admitted to Oprah that she received an advance, but felt like she would receive a big royalty check after her tour was over and her album sales were tallied. When she received a royalty check for less than $ 2,000 ($ 1,972 to be exact), she searched for answers.

Due to legal restrictions, Toni was not allowed to talk about the details of the case. In the meantime, Toni has been forced to sell her property to cover her expenses. Clothing, jewelry, her beloved little grand piano, cars, and even her Grammy Awards were auctioned off. She remained embarrassed and unsure of her future in music. In January 1999, after a year of conflict, MTV reported that Arista / LaFace settled in with the singer for an undisclosed fee. At the time, she was finishing a stint in the Broadway production of Disney Beauty and the Beast for a stable income.

Toni Braxton on Broadway
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Toni later revealed that a 10-year gag order prevented her from revealing details of the settlement. In his memories of 2017 Unbreak My Heart, Toni said it all! After signing with Arista / LaFace in the early ’90s as part of a demo deal, she was hired to record demos for sale to other artists on the label. One of the demos she recorded sounded so good that the label released it. The single took off and they decided to release a full album; but, Toni’s contract remained the same. She later learned that all the money the label was spending to produce her career she was contractually obligated to pay back – hints that the royalty check was less than $ 2,000. Everything improved when Toni finally received her paycheck, which later turned out to be over $ 20 million.

Toni Braxton files for bankruptcy # 2

Toni’s career continued to soar after his messy legal battle and eventual settlement. She was able to redeem her rewards and other valuable possessions that she had lost when she filed for bankruptcy a few years earlier. His third album, The heat, has proven to be still one of the best in the business, with two chart-topping singles and one more tour. She started another Broadway stint in Disney’s Aida. On a personal note, Toni married Keri Lewis and they had two sons.

The big news came in 2006 when she announced a Las Vegas residency at the Flamingo Hotel. She replaced Wayne Newton as the casino’s new headliner. Toni Braxton: Revealed was to be played six evenings a week. She drew such a crowd that her show was extended until 2010. Unfortunately, she couldn’t see it until the end. The singer collapsed on stage during a performance in April 2007 and was hospitalized immediately after. Toni announced in May of the same year that she was canceling her show for health reasons.

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After a three-year hiatus to focus on her health, Toni filed for bankruptcy for the second time in 2010. A diagnosis of lupus and heart problems kept her from happening, leaving her self-funded show in Vegas canceled. She decided to self-finance the show in order to avoid the financial problems she had to face during her previous bankruptcy; but, his health hampered him. She said ABC News in 2012, “The Vegas show, I just renewed my contracts with all of my sellers,” she explained. “And then a month later, I got sick. I couldn’t work and couldn’t afford to pay them back.

Hard times would not last for the star. Toni settled her bankruptcy case in 2013, then released more albums and had her family reality show, Braxton Family Values, since 2011.

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