Friday, July 16, 2021

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Brian Adamon, PHOTO: Police de la Providence

Providence Police arrested Brian Amadon on Friday and charged him with “duty to stop in accidents causing bodily harm” in GoLocalProv editor-in-chief Kate’s hit and run. Nagle.

He is 48 years old according to the Providence police.

She was run over in front of her house on Wednesday afternoon by Amadon who was riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle.


According to several sources, Amadon is an employee of Brown University and had just left the Brown maintenance facility on Olney Street and according to witnesses who saw him “blow up” the stop sign at the corner of Lloyd and Arlington then “hit it at 60 mph over Arlington.

Amadon was arrested at his home in Coventry by Providence Police in conjunction with Coventry Police.

The investigation was carried out by the Hit and Run Squad and the Providence Police Detective.

The RI law stipulates:

The driver of any vehicle knowingly involved in an accident causing injury, serious bodily injury or the death of any person must immediately stop the vehicle at or as close to the scene of the accident as possible, but must thereafter return immediately to and in any event remains at the scene of the accident until it has fulfilled the conditions of § 31-26-3. A stop should be made without obstructing traffic more than necessary.

(b) Anyone knowingly failing to stop or comply with requirements in circumstances which result in injury to any person will be punished, on conviction, with compulsory loss of license for at least one year and not more than five (5) years and a maximum imprisonment of five (5) years and / or a maximum fine of five thousand dollars ($ 5,000).

(c) (1) Anyone who knowingly fails to stop or comply with requirements in circumstances which result in grievous bodily harm to a person shall, upon conviction, be punished as follows:

(i) Anyone found guilty of a first offense will be punished with imprisonment of at least one year and not more than ten (10) years and a fine of at least one thousand dollars ($ 1,000). and up to five thousand dollars ($ 5,000). The sentencing judge has the discretion to sentence the person to any unit in adult correctional facilities. In addition, the person’s license will be revoked for a maximum period of two (2) years. The license privilege is reinstated only after proof satisfactory to the administrator of the motor vehicle division that there are no grounds which would authorize the refusal to issue a license and until the person provides proof. of its financial responsibility under Chapter 32 of this Title.

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Photo capture of Amadon before hitting Nagle

He is being held at the Public Security Compex of the Providence Police Force and will be charged on a date to be determined.

Brown University spokesperson Brian Clark wrote in an email to GoLocal: “I can confirm that an employee named Brian Amadon was hired in 2011, is a burner technician and is in administrative leave from July 16, 2021. “

Clark added, “While we are not free to discuss personnel matters involving individual employees beyond confirmation of positions and service dates, I can share some details about our process. were to learn from law enforcement about allegations involving an employee, we would assist the agency carrying out the investigation. And as information becomes available to Brown during a law enforcement investigation. order, we will fully assess these details taking into account the University’s employment policies. ”

Witnesses told GoLocal that after passing the stop sign while turning onto Arlington, he put his left hand in the air before accelerating.

Nagle was seriously injured in the crash and underwent surgery at the Rhode Island hospital Wednesday night.

“I want to thank the Providence police and all the witnesses and neighbors who provided information. They made the arrest possible, “said Josh Fenton, Nagle’s husband and CEO and co-founder of GoLocal.

“I hope Amadon incurs the appropriate penalties for his reckless behavior. He ran over Kate and left her on the street without stopping. She could easily have been killed,” Fenton said.

Police in Providence gathered information from home security cameras and witness statements.

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