Trump is the best

The 2020 election promises to be a close race between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. Biden declares he is Catholic and supports the right to abortion, which in my opinion makes him a hypocrite. Trump may be a fool, but he’s not a hypocrite.

For me, the best choice is Trump.

– Grillot gene, Kansas City

Save it

I am independent. I am not voting for a party. I vote for a candidate. What bothers me about many candidates is the lies they use in their campaign ads. Some cannot be defended. We stand out from the primary campaign.

In it, Amanda Adkins claims that “radical Democrats, the media and the coronavirus are devastating our economy, in that order.” I want her to prove that Democrats and the media have done more damage to the economy than the virus.

The virus has put people out of work, closed businesses permanently and kicked people out of their homes because they can’t work. This is the typical rhetoric of President Donald Trump.

It’s good to be a “proud Kansas City Conservative,” as she calls herself in the ad, but at least telling the truth. Kansas doesn’t need someone like this as a representative in the United States House, especially the one who participated in the Sam Brownback disaster in our state.

-Larry Mogolov, Land park

Constitutional right

For 233 years, the US Constitution survived secession and civil war, slavery, many wars, pandemics, the Great Depression, and other calamities. No other constitution has survived this long. He established a government based on the rule of law, the consent of the governed, and the sovereignty of the individual.

We have evolved into a society dominated and divided by government policies and actions. Our national debt now exceeds our annual gross domestic product. Members of Congress only serve their own political interests, and we have more government than we will ever need.

It’s time for states to come up with amendments that Congress won’t: term limits, fiscal responsibility, and less government. Sign the petition on conventionofstates.com so that lawmakers in your state know you have your back when they exercise their federal role as set out in article V. Raise lawmakers who approve of this popular movement to save the republic.

The Constitution was made for a time like this. Trust him.

-David Copeland, Land park

Say it again

In 2018, the people of Missouri overwhelmingly approved the Clean Missouri reform initiative to eliminate partisan gerrymandering and establish a fair and independent system of electoral mapping.

Lawmakers in Jefferson City immediately got to work – not to pass Clean Missouri, but to develop a plan to get around it.

Their devious plan: to get voters to reestablish gerrymandering. This is the subject of amendment 3 of the November ballot. Designed as a campaign finance reform, it would set the nation’s worst gerrymandering rules, allowing politicians to draw legislative maps to secure re-election and avoid accountability. It doesn’t even count all residents – just voting adults. And that includes unprecedented restrictions on our ability to challenge unfair cards in court.

Amendment 3 is a sickening display of the Missouri politicians’ contempt for the will of the people and is expected to be defeated outright on November 3.

-Paula Murray, Kansas City

Goodness found

A very special angel showed up at Harrisonville, Missouri, Walmart last Tuesday afternoon. I had just shopped there and was at home shopping when I realized I couldn’t find my wallet. Panic!

I checked everywhere three times. I called the store and the employees hadn’t seen it. I canceled my credit card just in case and called the bank about a check that was in the wallet.

I prayed so hard for someone to return it to me. I didn’t care if the money was gone – I was just very concerned about everything else.

The next morning, on my way to replace my driver’s license, I stopped at Walmart. When the woman pulled out a lost and found wallet – and, yes, it was mine – I almost screamed. The icing on the cake was that it was all there. All.

So to whoever found this old black / brown leopard print wallet, thank you from the bottom of my heart. May God richly bless you and keep you and remember that I am eternally grateful to you for your honesty.

It is true: what circulates, returns. Thank you.

– Kat Cooney, Harrisonville

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