Data reveals the state of the housing market from many angles

The Santa Fe Association of Realtors® recently announced the release of 2021 State of Santa Fe Housing Report. The report provides selected housing data in a user-friendly format from local, state and national sources.

Report topics include: housing supply and demand; population and income; rental housing; mortgage financing; housing affordability; housing value; and the region’s response to housing and COVID-19. The report contains conclusions, as well as economic perspectives. The report models one published for many years by the Missoula Association of REALTORS®. The graphic designer who designed the original visual layout works with the Santa Fe Association of REALTORS® to produce the annual report.

“Housing affordability remains a key issue facing our community. According to a recent report commissioned by the National Association of REALTORS® – Housing is critical infrastructure: social and economic benefits of building more housing – The underconstruction gap in the United States has totaled more than 5.5 million housing units over the past 20 years, exacerbating the growing affordable housing crisis across the country.” – Roger Carson, President , Santa Fe Association of REALTORS®, Santa Fe Housing Report 2021

To access the report, go to: The Association is delighted to offer the second annual publication of the report to the local real estate and housing community. It is a wonderful tool for association members and the public, especially those interested in the Santa Fe housing market. 2021 State of Santa Fe Housing Report notes the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the local housing market and shares details on how governments in the region have responded.

A team of Santa Fe housing stakeholder experts was tasked with providing data and content for the 2021 State of Santa Fe Housing Report. The Santa Fe Association of REALTORS® appreciates the valuable time and energy that members of the Stakeholder Team have devoted to the successful launch of this new publication. the 2021 State of Santa Fe Housing Report Housing Stakeholder Team members included representatives from the City and County of Santa Fe; Santa Fe Area Home Builders Association; Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce; New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness; New Mexico Interfaith Community Housing Development Corporation; Guardian Mortgage Corporation; and the Santa Fe Association of Realtors®.

Alexandra Ladd, Housing Stakeholder Member and Director of the City’s Office of Affordable Housing, made the following comment regarding the 2021 report: “The City of Santa Fe views this report as a comprehensive data overview of what is happening. in our housing market. The data serves as a tool to support the development of effective policies and to better understand how public investments can help Santa Feans afford housing. We appreciate SFAR’s leadership in writing this report.

Santa Fe’s first State of Housing Report was released in December 2020 and specifically encouraged area governments to provide more funding for affordable housing – an issue covered extensively in the report. The Santa Fe Association of REALTORS® is thrilled to announce that the City of Santa Fe has committed $3 million in 2020 to the city’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund and plans to continue its support in the years to come. . Ongoing funding is needed, and stakeholders identified a number of funding sources that the housing community can support, including cannabis taxes, affordable housing bonds, and taxes on gross short-term rental receipts. term, as well as setting aside funds from the sale of government properties.

The Santa Fe Association of REALTORS® and its leaders remain committed to offering their resources – both human and financial – to continue to develop the report in the future.