NEW YORK, July 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – New York Residence, Inc., a world-renowned real estate brokerage firm, is pleased to announce that Mr. Richard pino, Chief Financial Officer and Associate Broker, will travel to Croatia of 4th Julye through August 1, 2021 to meet clients.

new York is open for business. From June 15e, New York City fully reopened all places of business. In addition, the Governor launched the “New York Open for Business” initiative to promote the many advantages of investing in new York. It will speed up that of New York real estate transactions in the second half of the year.

For more than a decade, New York Residence has traveled the world to introduce and educate international buyers about the benefits of buying in one of the fastest growing real estate markets, New York City. We have successfully found homes, commercial properties and investment properties for many of these clients. Mr. Pino went to Croatia, Italy, Colombia, Panama, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Ireland, and across the United States to meet with clients, real estate professionals and to represent New York Residence at international trade shows.

Real estate brokerage is always a relational business ™. Real estate professionals must be willing to travel to meet clients at their request. Clients can easily find information by surfing many third-party real estate websites, but communication in person and over the phone remains the most important interaction to educate clients about potential real estate acquisitions, Richard said.

Historically, New York Residence has been ranked in the top five for Manhattan Boutique Firms, has been ranked number 20 in closed transactions among all business sizes, and New York Residence has been ranked number 22 in listing volume in dollars among all sizes of business.

New York Residence is a real estate brokerage firm that was formed in February 2005, and specializes in residential, commercial and investment real estate brokerage advisory, sales and leasing services for international and domestic markets. It has three offices in new York, with international offices located at Seoul, and Singapore. The head office of New York Residence is located at 1501 Broadway, 26e upstairs, in the iconic Paramount Building in the heart of Times Square.

Private appointments will take place at Demex doo, an audit and tax firm based in Rovinj., And can be arranged in advance by sending an email to Mr. Pino at [email protected]

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New York residence

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