WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Purdue University’s Agricultural Safety and Health Program released the United States Confined Space Injury and Death Summary 2020 annual report. The program reported 64 fatal and non-fatal cases involving agricultural confined spaces, including 35 grain entrapment, 7 falls into or from grain storage structures, 4 asphyxiations and 12 equipment entanglements.

The total number of cases represents a decrease of 4.5% from the number documented in 2019, but the total number of agricultural confined space cases this year exceeds the five-year average and the number of mining-related deaths. reported in 2020.

“As well documented in previous annual summaries, there is a direct correlation between poor grain and an increased likelihood of worker exposure to entrapment situations,” the report says. “Never enter a grain silo with signs of a crust on the surface or in the grain mass. If the grain is crusted or the soil outlets are clogged, contact a professional grain salvage service that has the equipment and experience to remove damaged grain. “

Purdue’s Agricultural Safety and Health Program has been monitoring grain storage, handling and transportation incidents for 40 years using sources such as news reports, web research, personal interviews, and volunteer extension reports. and individuals. Despite the lack of a comprehensive or mandatory farm incident or injury reporting system, the group aims to raise awareness of agriculture-related injuries and fatalities in order to develop safety mitigation strategies.

The full report and resources on grain safety are available online.

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