NEWBURYPORT – A local woman accused of hitting her mother and brother with her car is facing grievous bodily harm with a dangerous weapon and drunk driving charges after being arraigned in court Monday of Newburyport District.

Marissa Laflamme, 32, of Milk Street is also facing a charge of leaving the scene after bodily harm after police said she did not stop her Toyota 4Runner on Sunday after hitting her loved ones while she was backing up an Amesbury driveway. She was arrested shortly afterwards by Newburyport police as she was returning to her Milk Street home.

At LaFlamme’s arraignment, Judge Allen Swan released her on the same $1,000 cash bond she had posted to get out of a Newburyport jail cell and ordered her not to abuse his family. She is due back in court on May 31 for a preliminary hearing.

At around 9.15pm on Sunday, Amesbury Police responded to a house in Powwow Street where, minutes earlier, LaFlamme had hit relatives with the car and fled. Relatives attended the Powow Street residence after the owner said LaFlamme pulled into his driveway unexpectedly and appeared too drunk to drive. The victims told the landlord they would come talk to LaFlamme and get her off the property.

After arriving at the Powow Street address, LaFlamme’s mother tried to get her daughter out of the 4Runner so she could drive her home to Newburyport. But LaFlamme refused and eventually hit her mother and brother as she backed out of the driveway. LaFlamme’s mother was more injured than her brother, but both refused to go to the hospital and both refused to seek emergency restraining orders. Eventually, LaFlamme’s mother was chased away by her brother, according to the report by Amesbury Police Officer Liam Leary.

Newburyport Police then received a description of LaFlamme’s car and a summary of what happened in Amesbury.

Minutes later, Newburyport Police Constables Shawn Eaton and Michael Wilichoski arrived on Milk Street, believing LaFLamme would be returning home. and sure enough, they spotted the LaFLamme 4Runner turn on Milk Street from Federal Street. As soon as she pulled into her driveway, Eaton parked right behind. LaFlamme got out of his vehicle around the same time as Eaton.

Eaton told her he had been ordered to “arrest and detain her for Amesbury Police as she was involved in an incident in that town,” Eaton wrote in his report, adding that LaFlamme showed many signs of drunkenness.

LaFlamme agreed to move on but failed a series of field sobriety tests, prompting Eaton to arrest him for drunk driving. Agent Kevin Martin arrived at the scene to pick up LaFlamme and drive her to Green Street Station for the reservation. At the station, she took a blood alcohol test and blew a level of 0.18 twice, more than double the legal limit for drink-driving, according to Eaton’s report.

Leary arrived at Newburyport Police Station shortly afterwards and requested a copy of Eaton’s report for his own report. LaFlamme’s mother also made an appearance at the train station to hand over her daughter’s phone.

“Ms. LaFlamme told me she hit me with her car,” Eaton wrote in her report.

Dave Rogers is a reporter for the Daily News in Newburyport. Email him at: [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @drogers41008.

Dave Rogers is a reporter for the Daily News in Newburyport. Email him at: [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @drogers41008.