New Year’s Eve – how to plan so as not to lose your nerves and money?

On one hand, using last minute offers, we can go abroad to spend an unforgettable New Year’s Eve much cheaper than booking a trip during the year. However, be careful. Sometimes last minute offers are intentionally inflated, and the password associated with promotions just means nothing. Offers are not more attractive than before. What’s more, there are a lot of dishonest offers on the web just published by fraudsters who want to make money from unaware scams of customers. It is worth checking carefully the proposed conditions and the location of the place where the event is to take place. Before we decide to buy a trip, we carefully analyze all the pros and cons. If anything arouses our suspicions, we’d better not risk it.

Unfortunately, great events such as New Year’s Eve are used especially for various types of abuse. What’s more, even travel agencies, which in most cases inspire public trust, are able to stretch customers. You have certainly met with last minute offers such as “New Year’s Eve in Rome PLN 100”, “New Year’s Eve in Prague PLN 50” and so on. It usually turns out that such offers are subject to numerous provisions in the regulations of the trip, and it often happens that we have to pay dearly in order to be able to party where we want and to use the available attractions. Let’s not be fooled by attractive-looking offers. Let’s read the entries in the contracts carefully!

Joint trip


A good idea for New Year’s Eve will be a trip to the mountains, for example. If we have a pack of friends, we can go on the train or car together, thanks to which we will save on fuel costs. What’s more, accommodation is also cheaper. All you have to do is lodge together for the cost of renting the cottage.

Peace and quiet, the surroundings of the forest, mountain air, roasting sausages on the fire and great company in which we will welcome the New Year together. What more could you want for New Year’s Eve?

Unusual New Year’s Eve, how to plan?

Unusual New Year

One of the ideas for an unusual New Year’s Eve is to go to … the theater. Performances will take place on many stages of Polish theaters during New Year’s Eve. The offer also includes a gala dinner after the main performance and special New Year’s concerts.

Traditionally, this type of New Year’s Eve can not do without champagne at midnight and wishing. However, if theater is not the best idea for us, we will also find something for cinema lovers. New Year’s Eve screenings in cinemas are a very popular way to spend New Year’s Eve. Cinemas invite us to a repertoire consisting of several films, often specific thematic or by genre. During the break between sessions we will use the buffet and of course we will welcome the New Year with a glass of champagne.

The house party does not have to be boring!

A good option for people who do not like to move from home will be to organize their own New Year’s party. Let’s invite friends, prepare a tasty menu and music. In good company we will have fun before.

We can spice up our New Year’s party so that it differs from a regular meeting with friends. Maybe New Year’s Eve and themed party? Music and costumes from the ’70s or a costume party? Once a year we can go crazy! We are limited only by our own imagination!

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