“Raising the minimum wage to 800 euros and reducing excise duties on oil and gas are measures the government must take if it is serious about facing the wave of precision,” said Nasos Ili, spokesperson for SYRIZA. -Progressive Alliance. , at MEGA.

He commented that the fact that the government is “forced in such a short period of time” after the Prime Minister’s announcements at the TIF, to announce additional measures and to increase the required funds, “clearly shows what SYRIZA said from the start, that those who were announced in Thessaloniki were very few “. He said that Mr. Mitsotakis had announced to TIF” that he would have a fund of 150 million euros to cover the increases. electricity “and” now they have grown to almost 500 million by the end of the year. “” However, “he stressed,” as argued by analysts of the energy market , this phenomenon will last much longer and in the next 6 to 9 months the Greek economy will be called upon to pay a total of more than one billion euros due to the increase in electricity. . “He noted that although this is an international phenomenon,” there is a Greek peculiarity, “” in August in Greece the wholesale electricity price almost doubled, nowhere else. from Europe we have not had such significant increases “.

Referring to yesterday’s data from EL.STAT. for the month of September, Mr. Iliopoulos underlined that a certain number of essential products recorded a “huge increase” and in particular that the price of gas “increased by 108%, fuel oil by 28.9%, 20% vegetables and olive oil 18, 4% “. “All of this clearly shows that the government has no plan to deal with the wave of precision, which is already affecting the lives of citizens,” he said. The SYRIZA spokesperson said that “the government should increase the minimum wage to 800 euros here and now” because “it is not possible for an economy which is expected to grow by 6% not to be able to meet a demand. such increase “. . He also noted that excise duties on petroleum, fuel oil and natural gas should be reduced. He stressed that “measures are necessary and achievable, at a time when the EU financially allows such solutions”. Mr. Iliopoulos underlined concerning the increases in electricity, that “the government should intervene in the tariff policy of PPC”, but, on the contrary, it hastens – in times of energy crisis – to sell off the central energy pillar of the country. “.

Regarding the pandemic, he criticized the government for “throwing a white towel to the vaccination”, saying that among citizens over 80, in the most vulnerable group, 26% remain unvaccinated, while the we can cite a number of European countries. , who have 95% of vaccinated in this age group ”. “We are well below the European average for two-dose vaccination,” he added. He added that “in losses due to the pandemic, we are in the second worst position for more than a month” and that “at the end of last September we had 391 losses, whereas now we have passed 15,000”. He accused the government that “it continues not to take substantial measures to strengthen the NSS – instead discusses how to shut down public hospitals – continues to keep the private sector out of the fight, continues not to take measures to remedy the dispersion of resources. transport, in the workplace but also in schools “.

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