Moapa Valley real estate agent Kasen Kolhoss is now working at a new agency: Custom Fit Real Estate. But he still provides top notch service to his customers.

Kasen Kolhoss, Moapa Valley real estate agent and “good guy” from the community all around, has moved on to the new real estate company Custom Fit Real Estate. Kolhoss announced the change several weeks ago. But he said it had been in the works longer than that.

“It’s been a while since it’s been coming,” Kolhoss said. “This new company offers the best services available to its customers, so I really wanted to be a part of it.”

Kolhoss, who was part of the Clea’s Fabulous Realty team, is very grateful to his mentor Clea Whitney and for everything he has learned and is a part of this business.
“I learned so much from them and Clea,” Kolhoss said. “This team will always be a big part of my life.”

Custom Fit Realty has been around for a few years now. It was started by Coltyn Simmons, who has family ties to the Moapa Valley. Coltyn and Kasen both have ties to the Perkins family.
“We are a 7th generation family from the Moapa Valley,” Kolhoss proudly summed up.

Custom Fit made the news as an innovative company offering a new program that covers the cost of home repairs and renovations so the company can sell the home for the best price. This “Update Before You Sell” program has been featured in news across the country, including LA Weekly.
“There isn’t another real estate company in southern Nevada that offers this,” Kasen said. “This is the greatest possible service to our clients and potential clients. “

The company also offers other services. Besides providing construction, contracting and real estate services, they also provide media services such as photography, advertising, graphic design, etc. The company tries to provide all the services necessary to carry out the sale and purchase of real estate in one place.

“Custom Fit is like a tool belt, providing all of the tools needed to make the home and property buying and selling experience the best it can be,” said Kolhoss.

Kolhoss maintains his local business in the Moapa Valley and southern Nevada. He will be operating from his home for the time being. But in the near future, he plans to open an office locally.

Kolhoss has lived in Las Vegas and Cedar City. But he mainly grew up in the Moapa Valley. He graduated in 2018 from Moapa Valley High School and served as the student body president as a senior. He was very involved in the life of the school, including Pep Band, Debate and other school organizations.

Since graduating from high school, Kolhoss has been very active in the community as a rodeo emcee, race signaller, auctioneer, parade announcer and more.

Kasen has been made redundant since November 2018 and sold his first home in February 2019. Since then he has made almost 50 sales in his short career so far, and the number continues to climb.
“I am more than delighted to start this new journey,” said Kolhoss. “Especially for my clients and potential clients. It will be the best possible experience for them.

For more information, contact Kasen Kolhoss at (702) 305-6870.

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