A woman lights a lantern at a temporary accommodation in Mashiki city, Kumamoto prefecture on April 14, 2022, the sixth anniversary of two devastating earthquakes in the southwestern prefecture of Japan. A total of 276 people were killed in Kumamoto and Oita prefectures in the earthquakes on April 14 and 16, 2016. (Kyodo) ==Kyodo

Here is the latest list of news digests selected by Kyodo News.


Japan’s greenhouse gas emissions decline for 7th consecutive year

TOKYO — Japan’s greenhouse gas emissions hit a record high in the year to March 2021, marking the seventh consecutive year of decline, the environment ministry said Friday.

National emissions, first recorded in fiscal year 1990, totaled 1.15 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in fiscal year 2020, down 5.1% from the previous year, due to a drop in energy consumption resulting from reduced production in manufacturing industries as well as a decrease in the number of passengers. and cargo traffic due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the ministry said.


Yen slips to 20-year low in mid-126 zone against US Dollar

TOKYO – The Japanese yen slipped to a 20-year low in the middle of 126 against the US dollar on Friday morning on the prospect of a widening monetary policy gap between the Bank of Japan and the US Federal Reserve.

The yen fell below the previous low of 126.31 quoted on Wednesday, falling to its weakest level since May 2002, following an overnight rise in US Treasury yields.


Japan’s 2021 exercise fighter ranks 2nd among China’s spy activities

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan launched fighter jets against planes approaching its airspace 1,004 times in fiscal year 2021, up from 725 a year earlier and reaching the second-highest level on record, amid increased Chinese intelligence activities, the Defense Ministry said on Friday.

The figure for jamming by Air Self-Defense Force planes in the year to March trailed 1,168 in fiscal 2016, the highest since Japan began publishing comparable data in fiscal year 1958.


Japan, US finance chiefs to meet amid yen’s rapid fall against dollar

WASHINGTON/TOKYO – Japanese Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki will meet with U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in Washington next week after the yen tumbled to a 20-year low against the dollar, sources familiar with the matter said on Friday. .

The two men plan to meet on Thursday, the day after a meeting of finance chiefs from the Group of 20 major economies, and could discuss possible policy coordination in the foreign exchange market during their first face-to-face bilateral talks.


Russian wayfinding sign at Tokyo station discovered after criticism

TOKYO — A Russian wayfinding sign at a Tokyo train station that had been obscured by a sheet of paper last week following complaints from passengers upset about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was discovered by the operator on Friday. railway.

East Japan Railway Co. reversed its decision to cover the sign at Ebisu Station on Tokyo’s Yamanote Line after criticizing the decision as being considered discriminatory.


US delegation offers support to Taiwan to protect democracy

TAIPEI — A delegation of senior U.S. lawmakers on Friday reassured Taiwan of its strong support as it comes under increasing pressure from China, dispelling doubts about Washington’s commitment in light of Russia’s invasion of China. ‘Ukraine.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who leads the delegation, told President Tsai Ing-wen that “to give up Taiwan is to give up freedom and democracy” and “to give up free trade” when they met.


City in western Japan says tourist ‘princess’ can now be of any gender

NARA, Japan – A city in western Japan that has held annual competitions to recruit single female “princesses” to serve as tourism ambassadors will drop the gender requirement starting this year, in a move according to organizers by “consideration for the changing times”.

The tourist office in Kashihara, Nara prefecture, said it would retain the title “Princess Sarara” but would open the recruitment process to anyone aged 18 or over who lives, studies or works in the city. prefecture, excluding high school students. It will also remove the single status requirement.


Ex-Japanese princess’s husband no longer on New York bar exam list

TOKYO — The name of the husband of former Japanese princess Mako Komuro was not on the New York State bar exam pass list released Thursday local time by its organizer.

After already failing the New York State Bar exam last July, Kei Komuro took the test again in February this year.