Dear Dave,

I recently got my master’s degree in finance and for the past four years I’ve worked as a social worker. I love my job and have a decent income, but I know I could make more money and get closer to my full potential in the financial industry. I am on Baby Step 2 and I have a lot of debt. On top of that, my dad lives with me and needs a transplant. I will have to take six weeks off when he is done, and my current job has always been very supportive of his health care needs. Do I have to wait for the end of the procedure to look for a job in the field of finance? Will the fact that I’m not a brand new graduate at the time make it difficult to find something?


Dear Rachel,

No way. You can look for a job in whatever you want whenever you want. But I think you’re putting the cart before the horse a bit here. You seem to assume that you won’t be able to find an employer in the financial world who will understand your situation and work with you when it comes to your father.

If you were to interview at my company, and we determined that you were an amazing person and a perfect candidate for the position, we were looking into things and doing what we could to find solutions to help you through the situation. So in my mind, it doesn’t hurt you at all to look for a better job now.

Now, if you find yourself in an interview where the company reeks of this hardcore, corporate, no days off, whatever the fuck, well, you obviously wouldn’t take the job. Always remember that in a job interview, you interview them as much as they interview you. You need to decide if they are right for you as much as they need to see if you are the right fit for them.

Frankly? Kinda seems like you’re just trying to stay in your comfort zone, kid. I think you need to go swimming. Jump in! The water is good.


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