A new Oakland County Circuit Court judge was recently sworn in, filling a vacancy created by a federal appointment.

Judge David M. Cohen was sworn in by Chief Judge Jeffery Matis as the 79th person to serve as a judge of the Oakland County Circuit Court. Cohen was appointed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer in February following the appointment of Judge Shalina Kumar to the federal court for the Eastern District of Michigan.

Kumar’s criminal and civil cases in circuit court have been transferred to Cohen, who occupies courtroom 1C.

Chief Judge Jeffery Matis and Judge David Cohen of the Oakland County Circuit Court. (Photo provided)

“My colleagues and I congratulate Justice Cohen on his appointment and we are pleased to welcome him to the bench,” Matis said in a statement. “His breadth of experience in the legal field, including his many years as an administrative law judge, prepared him well for his new role as a member of the judiciary. We look forward to the contributions he will make to the administration of justice in Oakland County.

Prior to his appointment to the circuit court, Cohen was director of administrative law for the Michigan Office of Administrative Hearings and Rules in Detroit. Prior to this appointment, he served as an administrative law judge in that office for ten years.

Administrative law judges oversee hearings to ensure that proceedings are conducted fairly and comply with applicable laws and administrative rules.

Cohen also spent 12 years in private practice, specializing in personal injury, administrative legal matters, and ADA disability rights litigation.

Cohen earned his Juris Doctor from Wayne State University Law School. He also holds a bachelor’s degree from WSU.

A longtime resident of Oakland County, Cohen is married with two children.