February 28 — Freeman Health Essentials and Pink Door Boutique recently received accreditation from the Healthcare Quality Association on accreditation for the next three years. This type of accreditation is obtained when a medical equipment supplier demonstrates a high level of quality in all business operations and services.

Freeman Health Essentials and Pink Door Boutique scored 96%, according to director Chris Walker.

The accreditation was issued after a comprehensive review process focused on meeting quality standards, as well as demonstrating a commitment to quality operating practices and procedures in the areas of financial stability, training of human resources, patient care, delivery services, billing practices and maintenance of products and equipment.

“We not only want to meet state and federal government requirements, but also exceed them to continuously improve and learn to improve the services and care we provide,” Walker said in a statement. “Our commitment to accreditation is driven by our motivation to acquire knowledge beyond ‘standards of excellence’ and to make us a leader in the delivery of care in our community. The result is better business performance and quality care for our customers. “

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