For many people who suffer personal injuries and are waiting for a settlement, the wheels of justice are turning slowly. But you still have financial responsibilities. Consider these financial tips for people awaiting injury settlement.

1. Consult a legal expert

Navigating the bureaucratic maze of doctors, adjusters and courts is overwhelming without the help of an expert. A lawyer will represent you and your interests and lobby to negotiate the largest possible settlement. Your personal injury attorney can advise you on how to move forward with the process of getting your settlement, the timelines, and when you are likely to receive the funds.

2. Tighten your budget

Until your financial situation improves, it is prudent to tighten your budget. Reducing your unnecessary expenses can make a big difference in your peace of mind. Focus on how this maneuver helps you achieve your financial goals and appreciate the flexibility you have in your budget. Keep in mind that this is a temporary situation for you.

If you need money quickly for necessary expenses, dip into your emergency savings. You don’t want to completely drain your emergency fund, however. So consider the next step.

3. Consider getting a settlement loan

The final financial tip while you wait to receive your personal injury settlement is to consider getting a settlement loan. A settlement loan is a cash advance before you receive a judgment or settle the case. One way that settlement loans are better than bank loans is that if you don’t win your settlement, you don’t need to repay the loan.

A settlement loan can help you meet your financial needs. And knowing that you only have to repay the loan if you win your settlement case can ease your worries. Learn more about this option to see if it’s the best fit for your needs.

Consulting a legal expert, reallocating your personal finances, and considering a settlement loan are three tips that can help you while waiting for settlement compensation. Once you’ve reached settlement, stay in touch with your attorney and insurance company to complete the process.