Houston, Aug 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Despite being a younger law firm among their colleagues, the Rose Sanders law firm has grown into one of the more user-friendly personal injury law firms and professionals from Houston, Dallas, and McAllen Texas areas.

Part of this is because of their desire to be very transparent about the cost and process of hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Erica Rose – Rose Sanders Law Firm PLLC

A good example of this is that the company recently posted a blog post on their website that explains why you should call a personal injury lawyer after a car accident.

This is just one of many useful personal injury blogs that the Rose Sanders law firm regularly posts on their website, accessible at https://www.rosesanderslaw.com/.

The founders of the law firm, Erica Rose and her husband Charles Sanders, say that “getting checked by a doctor and calling a personal injury lawyer is crucial to getting maximum compensation in a lawsuit.”

The blog also mentioned that most victims are unaware of the different types of damage they need to be aware of in order to calculate the amount of compensation. “.”

The blog said that all of these contribute to the difficulty of dealing with something like the aftermath of a car accident.

Those who are interested in learning how to protect themselves from these legal headaches, and want to know more about what to do after a car accident, can read the entire blog by going to https://www.rosesanderslaw.com / blog / 2021/08 / when-i-have-a-car-accident-what-is-the-first-step-to-hire-a-lawyer /.

Erica Rose is not only an expert on the subject, but she has had the experience of being injured after a small car accident and not realizing the extent of her injuries until much later. She reportedly said: “When you have a car accident, even if the damage to your car is minor, the damage to your body may not be, and you should contact a personal injury lawyer immediately before. to talk to your insurance. business.”

She also added that “Injuries resulting from car accidents are something that no one wants to take on without the knowledge and experience it takes to develop and argue a successful case in court if it becomes necessary. This is because there are a lot of minute details that a judge will look for in deciding the fate of a case that you are probably not aware of that could net you thousands of dollars more or less. for your complaint. “

Erica Rose went on to say that “when an accident occurs, if you are not too injured, take pictures and videos, and immediately call the police for a proper police report on the incident.”

Rose Sanders Law Firm Says It “Does More Than Just Represent Your Auto Accident Or Trucking Accident Case. It Includes Making Sure Your Documents Are Filed In The Right Way, At The Right Time. , in the correct order, and carefully examining the case to find where else you may be liable for further compensation. “

Something very interesting to remember is that Charles Sanders, Erica’s husband, is very unique in the world of personal injury.

Charles was the son of a surgeon and grew up learning medical and personal injury very intimately from an early age. Personal injury law is what he has known all his life, so he has found all possible directions to ensure that his client’s case gets maximum compensation for his injuries – both mental and physical.

For anyone who wants more information on their auto accident or trucking accident expertise, they can refer to their website https://www.rosesanderslaw.com/. Those interested can also read their over 100 5-star reviews on why they are the best auto and truck accident attorneys in Houston, Texas.


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