3D representation of Odea Montreal. The name of the project, Odea, is based on the Cree word “ode” meaning canoe which will explain the subtle and stylized symbol of the canoe in architecture. (Courtesy of Cogir Immobilier)

Incorporated in 1995, Cogir Immobilier employs nearly 4,500 colleagues who are passionate about real estate. These people manage more than 250 properties located in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia as well as in the United States and oversee more than 5 million square feet of commercial, industrial and office space. The residential portfolio includes more than 27,500 housing units in Quebec, Ontario and the United States, including a network of more than 50 private residences for the elderly.

With the constant desire to inject a human dimension into the industry, to create friendly living environments and to excel on a daily basis, each effort aims to give meaning to real estate activities. Discover this unique company with multiple skills.

Our first love: property management

Cogir Immobilier offers its clients turnkey management services specifically tailored to their needs. Over time, the members of our various teams have developed significant expertise in areas such as asset optimization, real estate repositioning or the overall management of daily operations. They use their expertise to help clients maximize the potential of their properties and ensure tenant satisfaction, thereby maximizing occupancy.

The creation of diverse and lively living environments where everyone feels at home is at the heart of the company’s DNA. Thus, Cogir’s unique business model allows it to develop and manage, under one roof, mixed-use projects that will include neighborhood businesses, thus making life easier for residents.

For example, Humaniti Montreal, the very first Smart Vertical CommunityTM in the country, brings together condos, rental housing, a hotel that is part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection, as well as commercial and office spaces. It houses restaurants, a grocery store, a bakery and a wide range of concierge services designed to enhance the living environment of its occupants.

In collaboration with its clients, Cogir manages all strategic and operational activities. Always on the lookout for new trends, Cogir works with its partners and offers personalized, creative and effective solutions adapted to the market conditions in which the asset is located.

Sound management of operating expenses is a key factor in real estate, and one of the company’s greatest strengths is the size of the real estate portfolio it oversees. By virtue of its size and the excellent relationship with suppliers, this advantage allows our customers to benefit from a favorable supply plan.

Property management is a constantly evolving industry. Thanks to our clients and the different challenges they present to us, we work with them to shape the real estate sector of tomorrow. Whether through the use of Smart Capex, new marketing strategies, or other means intended to increase asset value, there is nothing more satisfying for our team members than seeing owners and managers. happy tenants.

What about real estate promotion?

This is the second thing that fascinates us. This is why Cogir has had its own development and construction division since 2008. This has enabled it to control and carry out all stages of the development and project management process. This energizing approach fosters Cogir’s success and value creation while accelerating decision-making. Each member takes ownership of the project and strives to adhere to the highest quality standards.

The Mostra rental condos represent a fine example of an innovative project developed and managed by Cogir. This project was designed to meet current and future rental housing needs. In addition to living in bright and functional apartments, residents of Mostra can enjoy a wide range of unique services such as a shared electric car, a bicycle workshop, smart mailboxes, a year-round vegetable garden and a fully equipped common kitchen. Everything is close at hand so that they can enjoy an all-inclusive life!

This brand, inaugurated in 2017, is expanding rapidly. Greater Montreal is home to four Mostra buildings, two of which are in operation and the other two under construction. There are several more in the pipeline.

In the field of retirement homes, Cogir’s recently developed the new generation of Jazz residences. It offers active retirees all the freedom they need to enjoy the new life of their dreams in an environment that is both stimulating and reassuring.

This new generation of retirement homes offers a modern environment that represents the cutting edge of the industry in North America. Among all the advantages offered, residents can enjoy a private wine cellar space, a choice of meal plans, the use of a shared electric car and the exclusive Cogir multiservice center, giving them access to various types of professionals within the local building. But, beyond all these amenities, residents are looked after by a team with deeply rooted human values ​​who work tirelessly to make each day unforgettable.

Company growth accelerates with expansion in the United States and Ontario

In 2018, the company’s great American adventure began by partnering with Welltower to acquire four retirement homes in Washington State. A few months later, eight more residences, this time in California, were added to the portfolio. With the project of a strong establishment in the United States and the desire to offer unparalleled services in line with American values, Cogir Management USA was incorporated in 2020. Currently, this division has more than 1,000 colleagues, offering everyday Cogir experience. to some 1,600 retirees in 17 Cogir Senior Living residences on the American West Coast. It’s not over! Many other acquisitions are underway in the coming months. Construction projects are also under discussion.

Already well established in Ontario’s multi-residential rental market, Cogir partnered with Fieldgate in 2020 to undertake the construction of the very first retirement home under the Bloom banner. Located in Oshawa, the 201-unit seniors’ residence recently welcomed its first residents. In addition to the innovative amenities and services that are Cogir’s trademark, the property presents a different business model than that currently found in most other residences in the province. Designed to meet the needs and wants of active retirees, Bloom allows residents to choose the services they want instead of systematically including them in the lease. This approach is attractive to active retirees who wish to maintain their independence while living in an environment where activities and opportunities for socialization are plentiful.

The Bloom banner is expanding with the opening of its second residence in Stouffville a few weeks ago. A third is under construction in Lindsay, Ontario.

Another first for the company!

The announcement of this unique project, with very strong human values, is coming out of the press! Discover Odéa! This spectacular mixed-use project is the result of a partnership between CREECO, the parent company of Eeyou Eenou Realty Properties Inc. (EERP) and Cogir Real Estate. This project will take shape on a site in Old Montreal that has belonged to the James Bay Crees since 1995.

“We are extremely proud to be working on this project with Cogir and to engage our communities in creating benefits for their members and for future generations,” said Derrick Neeposh, President of the Cree Regional Economic Enterprises Company (CREECO).

Designed by Lemay Architects, in collaboration with Douglas Cardinal, the world-renowned Indigenous architect, Odea Montreal will be a 25-story project that will include 435 residential units, 264 rental apartments and 171 condominiums for sale. The name of the project, Odea, is based on the Cree word “ode” which means canoe, thus explaining the subtle and stylized symbol of the canoe of the namesake project. Future occupants will be surrounded by bold and functional common spaces, such as an artist’s studio in collaboration with the Darling Foundry art complex, green spaces, two rooftop pools and a sky lounge.

“We are proud and honored to work with the Cree Nation of Eeyou Istchee in a project that will become one of the cultural and architectural monuments of Montreal. We believe Odea Montreal will be iconic in many ways, ”said Mathieu Duguay, CEO of Cogir Immobilier.

And after?

Passion translates into action and makes it possible to move forward with sufficient daring to create and manage innovative and solid projects.

“We are discussing several mandates and we have quite a few projects on the drawing board, both in Canada and in the United States. The past few months have led to a stronger relationship between all team members, and I see a bright future. Together, we will continue to do what we love the most: give meaning to real estate, ”says Mathieu Duguay.