Cincinnati, OH (June 27, 2021) – A car crash in the Westwood section of Cincinnati resulted in injuries, according to local news sources. At approximately 4:58 p.m. on June 26, emergency crews were notified that an accident had occurred on Queen City Avenue.

Reports from local news sources show that a two-vehicle crash blocked the intersection of Queen City Avenue and Boudinot Avenue during the evening hours. The incident resulted in confirmed injuries. Emergency medical services intervened at the scene of the accident to treat injured victims on the spot before transporting those in need of additional care to hospitals in the region. At this time, the incident is still under investigation with the Cincinnati Police Department.

Our hearts go out to the victims injured in this accident. We hope for their full recovery.

Car Accidents in Cincinnati, Ohio

Car accidents happen every day in the state of Ohio. These accidents total more than 75,000 people injured each year statewide. Although most drivers are cautious and cautious when traveling on our roads, we continue to see several people injured due to the negligence of others. Some of the main causes of accidents include:

Impaired driving: Although we have strict laws around drunk and impaired driving, nearly one in four fatal crashes in the United States are caused by impaired or impaired drivers.

Reckless Driving Behaviors: People who engage in reckless actions while driving their vehicles put the lives of others at increased risk of injury. There are far too many cases of people injured in crashes caused by drivers turning on red lights, passing stop signs, not yielding, speeding up and engaging in other reckless driving behaviors.

Distracted driving: With the increase in the use of technology, we are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of motorists who become distracted. Many crashes happen when drivers text, talk on the phone, or engage in other distracting behaviors.

If you have been injured in an accident, due to the negligence of another driver, you should immediately contact a Cincinnati auto accident attorney. You may be entitled to compensation to help ease the financial burden you will face in the future.

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