A Lancaster County man charged with causing an accident with a horse and cart while driving under the influence earlier this month is now charged with the death of the teenage driver.

Lititz resident Phillip C. Sullivan, II, 18, is charged with striking a horse and cart in the 5700 block of Division Highway on July 5 at 2:45 a.m., according to East Earl Township Police.

Phillip Sullivan Photo provided by the Township of East Earl Police Department

Police have previously described the horse-drawn cart as a sulky-type cart, which generally refers to a two-wheeled cart.

Sullivan then left the scene, police said. He was found 45 minutes later on suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol / a controlled substance.

Cart driver Andrew J. Stoltzfus, 18, of Honey Brook, died of his injuries in the crash, police said. The horse is also dead.

Sullivan is charged with vehicle homicide, vehicle homicide while driving under the influence, accidents resulting in death or bodily injury, driving under the influence of alcohol or a substance controlled and three additional summary offenses, according to online court records.

Sullivan awaits his arraignment Tuesday afternoon. No date had been set for a preliminary hearing.

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