Anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson, who said she did not believe in the vote for women and suggested police should racially profile her own son, backed President Trump for re-election the second evening of the Republican National Convention.

“I support President Trump because he has done more for unborn children than any other president,” Johnson said, adding: “This election is a choice between two radical anti-life activists and the most pro-president. life we ​​have ever had .. This is something that should spur you on to action.

Johnson became an anti-abortion activist after working for Planned Parenthood. Last year, “Unexpected,” a film based on his story, was a box office success despite questions about some of the story details.

In the day before his speech, reports surfaced of two recent controversial statements by Johnson. In a YouTube video posted earlier this year In the wake of the protests that followed George Floyd’s death, Johnson noted that his biracial adopted son would likely face discrimination from the police, unlike his white sons. For Johnson, who is white, it made sense.

“Statistically, I look at our prison population and I see that there is a disproportionate number of African American males in our prison population for crimes, especially violent crimes,” Johnson said. A Brookings Institute Study found that in 2011, only 6 percent of arrests of black men were for violent crimes.

Abby Johnson speaks at the virtual Republican National Convention on August 25, 2020 (via Reuters TV)

Abby Johnson speaks at the virtual Republican National Convention on August 25, 2020 (via Reuters TV)

“So statistically, when a cop sees a brown man like my Jude walking down the street – as opposed to my white nerdy kids, my white nerdy men walking the road – because of the stats he knows in his head, that these cops know in their heads, they’re going to know that statistically my brown-haired son is more likely to commit a violent offense than my white sons, “Johnson continued. “So the fact that in his head he would be more careful with my brown son than with my white son, that doesn’t really make me angry. It makes this policeman smart, because of the statistics.

Johnson also supports the policy of one vote per household, according to a report by The 19, a feminist organization. The adoption of a head of household policy would in effect deprive millions of married women of the right to vote by reverting to the status quo before the ratification of the 19th Amendment.

“What’s the most controversial thing you believe in? “Johnson request on Twitter in early May, responding to own tweet, “I would support the return of the household vote. How anti-feminist on my part.

To the question “What happens when the husband is a Republican and the wife is a Democrat or vice versa?” Johnson replied, “Then they should vote on a vote.” In a pious home, the husband would have the last word.

In the minutes leading up to his speech, Johnson was still expressing his support for this job.

Another speaker scheduled for Tuesday night’s convention, Mary Ann Mendoza, was pulled from her niche after promoting a conspiracy theory linked to QAnon earlier today than the Jews intend to enslave the world. Mendoza is a member of the Trump Campaign Advisory Board.


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