In typical Norman fashion, we now have a dozen new knives that don’t cut, two sharp knives that I forget and the two Minoan blades that I constantly retrieve from the dishwasher when a steak appears. This is my life.

The next topic is under the heading Pay attention to what you want. I have long complained about the very expensive cat food we had to buy for Mittens, the accidental cat. After a long illness, Mittens finally used his 9 lives. While I still hate losing a pet, at least the $ 50 per month food expense has come to an end … at least that’s what I thought.

A former pet, Toolie, the fat little Schnauzer we loved very much, was the victim of mushroom poisoning. She had always eaten the mushrooms that grew in our garden, but with all the rain we had that summer, a bumper crop appeared and Tools felt it was her duty to eat them all.

A series of cascading afflictions ensued. First, his liver stopped. Then she developed a nasty staph infection followed by a raging case of pancreatitis. Each of them in itself was potentially fatal. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of our vet, Tools was successful. After a week in the hospital with continuous IVs, Tools was finally well enough to go home.

As you probably guessed, we were told that Tools needs to follow a special diet. We were presented with a case of the new food but not the bill, so I had no idea what the cost was. Finally, I checked the price and the rate is $ 4 per can. She ate one can a day, which in an average month is over $ 100. So I went from complaining about a bill of $ 50 per month to a gagging of $ 100 per month. What happened to a 49-cent can of Old Roy? This is my life.

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