• The ultra-luxury real estate market is sparkling and exclusive.
  • But posh parties and over-the-top stunts no longer attract the attention of well-heeled shoppers.
  • Here are 13 top advertisers high-end developers rely on to make sure their properties sell for the best price.

The housing market has been brutal for middle-income consumers, but ultra-luxury real estate has never been so bubbly.

The world’s wealthiest are investing their money in real estate, and developers are vying for those millions with projects that only get glitzier, more expensive, and more exclusive. Uncertainty in Europe and Latin America is funneling even more wealth into US real estate in cities like New York, Miami and Los Angeles.

To grab the attention of ultra-rich consumers, developers rely on a small group of PR professionals who specialize in promoting extravagant properties at stratospheric prices.

Insider has identified 13 of the most sought after PR executives in luxury real estate based on research and conversations with industry insiders.

But these pros tell Insider their role has changed since the heady 2010s. Gone are the days of bombastic parties, flashy promotions and upside incentives for shoppers. Digital campaigns have become as important as traditional media coverage. Promotions are now focusing on understated luxury, with wealthy shoppers more interested in “quality and amenities,” said Vanessa Fioravante, co-founder and director of Ander & Co in Miami. “And buyers say, ‘instead of giving me a Lamborghini, just save a few hundred thousand dollars off the asking price.'”