Smiley Loans – new larger installment loan amount

Are you looking for a cheap non-bank loan? Get acquainted with the offer of the Smiley Loan loan company, which grants loans up to the amount of $ 25,000, which can be repaid in as many as 48 monthly installments. Smiley Loans are famous for installment loans, which we obtain in full via the Internet.


The company increased the loan amount its customers can get

The company increased the loan amount its customers can get

Currently it amounts to 25,000 USD. Importantly, to get a loan from Smiley Loan , you do not need to visit a stationary company outlet or meet with its employees. We can easily settle all formalities via the Internet in the comfort of your own home.

To do this, complete the online loan application and confirm your identity by phone. In the event of a positive loan decision, the amount obtained will be transferred to our bank account or we will be able to collect it at the nearest post office.


Who can take advantage of the new Smiley Loan offer?

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Although the Smiley loan company has been operating on the Polish market for a long time, it has raised the limit of its loans relatively recently. Currently it amounts to even 25,000 USD. In addition, the repayment period of the contracted liability was extended. Currently, the loan can be repaid in monthly installments for a period of 3 to even 48 months. On the Smiley Loans website you will find a loan calculator, thanks to which you can easily calculate the amount of installments.

However, it is worth remembering that these amounts are indicative and the final cost of the loan always depends on the individual assessment. Importantly, the Smiley Loans offer is currently one of the cheapest we can find on the market of installment loans granted via the Internet.

The Smiley Loan loan company addresses its offer to adults who have Polish citizenship. Customers who want to apply for a loan from this borrower must also have their own bank account and mobile phone. A permanent source of documented and regular income will also be needed.

In addition, it happens that the borrower asks us to send additional documents that will confirm the income we receive. Of course, all this is done via the Internet. Smiley Loans does not require any additional loan collateral from its lenders, e.g. real estate.

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