Electric scooter makes you to go fast even in the crowded places

All the vehicles that you use are heavy and it is very difficult for the user when you use such kinds of the vehicles during your travel. Suppose it gets some trouble you cannot leave the vehicle like that and come until or unless someone comes to take care of the vehicle. Then if you got trouble or you have fixed inside some of the traffic zone then it would be so much difficult for you to come out from that and go to your office at the correct time. But when you had used your electric scooter this problems all could be avoided and it provides you a user friendly driving experience.

The electric scooter are made by the weight less parts so that you can able to fold your scooter and carry to the place were ever you need and it provides you more facilities than the others that had been provided to you. It is the best scooter for both the young person and old person to drive and it also looks more stylish than the other vehicles. Even the small children can able to carry the bike from one place to the other place easily and enjoy by going a drive in that vehicles.

Use eco friendly electric scooter to save earth

The electric scooter run only through the electricity so that the fuel is not needed so that it won’t cause any damage for the surroundings that we live. There are various kinds of the electric scooters that are available all over the world and depending upon the electric scooter type and its model the motor might be placed either front or the back side which is helpful for you to push the scoter forward or the backward. And this kind of the electric motor or the best while you travel in the crowded place where you can able to easily you can able to carry your scooter and go. There are various kinds of the speed limits that should maintain in order to provide the security for the person in all the ways during they travel around the city or the town. You may also use this vehicle for your long travel by charging your battery at some fixed points. It would also give you a high performance when compared to the other.

If your vehicle had been stopped in some particular place then you no need to feel for that and stay in the same place. You no need to wait instead you can fold your scooter and take it and go to your home without getting tension. It is the safe and the easiest transport for all the person and it also provides you a good exercise while you are traveling from one place to the other. Because suppose in the middle of the road your electric scooter had been stopped then you can put pedal and come back to your home.

NDS Forwarder for the Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS Homebrew Scene is more lively than ever and there is a new homebrew application that you may want to install on your Nintendo 3DS.

Now, you might want to play Nintendo DS games even when you have a Nintendo 3DS, right? I mean, there are just a lot of games on the Nintendo DS that is worth playing.

If you want to play Nintendo DS games, you need to have an R4 3DS card. Furthermore, you also need an R4 3DS card that has that feature of allowing you to play Nintendo DS games on your Nintendo 3DS portable game console.

But, what if you want a CIA installable version of the NDS game you want to play? Is there a way to convert NDS ROM files to installable CIA files?

Actually, there is such a program. In today’s article, I am going to talk about the NDS Forwarder. This is a software on the PC that can forward NDS games to your Nintendo 3DS. You will also need to install the homebrew application on your 3DS to make things work.

With that being said, how do you use the NDS forwarder? Here are the instructions:


1. First, you need to get an R4 3DS card.

2. Then, download the NDS forwarder files for the R4 3DS card.

3. In the downloaded file, there should be a file that is called “for Slot-1 microSD”. Put it in the ROOT folder of your microSD card.

4. Next, plug the microSD card and place the R4 3DS card into your Nintendo 3DS. After which, run the Homebrew Launcher and select the “Decrypt9” tool.

5. In the interface, select “Game Dumper Options->Dump Cart (Full or Trim depends on you). This feature will dump any Nintendo DS Cart you have. Do this as many times as you want.


1. Next, download the “TWL Firm Patcher” and just follow the on-screen instructions.

2. After doing this, you can now install the Forwarder program on your PC.


1. Install the Forwarder 3DS program on your computer.

2. Next, plug your microSD card into your computer using the microSD card adapter.

3. Next, select the “Games are on SD Card” checkbox and then navigate it to the specific folder where you store all of the game files.

4. This is an important step: if you only want the installable CIA files, you can uncheck “Keep .NDS files”.

5. Next, click on the game you want to convert to CIA. Do the necessary edits (like input a banner, input the game’s title, etc).

6. Next, click the shuffle button. Wait until the TID is red so that the program can now convert your ROM files to CIA installable ones.

7. After everything is done, just click on the floppy disk icon and so that the program can now start the conversion process.

8. Once that is done, just put the CIA files on your microSD card; plug your microSD card into the R4 3DS card and then ultimately to your Nintendo 3DS.

9. Just install the CIA file like you would any other CIA file and that’s it!

The installation and use of this forwarder program might be cumbersome but it will save you from the hassle in the future.

If you want to play Nintendo DS games without ever having the need to install 3rd party emulators, then use the NDS forwarder to convert them into installable CIA files so you can play right off your Nintendo 3DS’ homescreen.

Do note that you will need an R4 3DS card for this.

Modern Warfare Remastered Edition is Looking Good But There is a Catch

If there is one first-person shooting game I really want to get my hands on, it will be the upcoming remastered edition of the popular Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is so popular that it was voted as the top FPS game spanning the last 10 years.

So, what made this iconic first-person shooter great? Well, the campaign mode is what really enticed me to play this game.

You play as Soap MacTavish and your mentor is none other than Captain Price. There are also non-playable characters that have a big role in Soap’s development in the game.

Soap and Price’s main objective is to capture or kill Imran Zakhaev. Zakhaev is part of a terrorist group who profits much from the Chernobyl incident.

There is one mission in this game where you play as the young Captain Price with his mentor, Captain Mcmillan.

Both of them were assigned to go after Imran Zakhaev after knowing about a deal that this person will make in Pripyat, Ukraine.

After reaching a vantage point, Price was able to snipe and take Zakhaev’s arm off. Price and Mcmillan had to leave the place immediately to avoid being killed by Zakhaev’s forces.

It was one of the best Call of Duty campaign’s I’ve ever played and if I am going to play the Remastered version of the game, I will surely revisit that level.

Well, during these past weeks, Activision announced that they are going to be releasing a remastered edition of this iconic first-person shooter.

There were screenshots already released online about the remastered edition and it is looking pretty good.

But, if you want to get your hands on the Modern Warfare remastered edition, there is a catch.

You see, you cannot get the game by itself. In order for you to get a copy, you need to buy Activision’s new game called Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

In other words, you’re going to be forced to buy Infinite Warfare as the Remastered Modern Warfare will be thrown in as an added bonus.

Although it would be okay for some, most people think this is outrageous. Activision just wants to milk money from its fanbase because the company knows that Modern Warfare still has an appeal to most gamers.

For me, I do not see this as a bad thing since I always buy the latest installment of the franchise. But, I do agree with the sentiments of some gamers saying that they really just want a copy of the Modern Warfare remastered edition.

In other news, the former CEO of Infinity Ward (who has worked with Activision for Call of Duty Games before) said in a recent interview that he sent a direct message to the MW Remastered Edition’s Production team.

He was so blunt in saying that they shouldn’t f*ck this up because Modern Warfare is near and dear to his heart.

Anyway, the Modern Warfare Remastered Edition will be available for the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 game consoles.

It will be bundled along with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Both games will be released on November 4, 2016.

What are Deadlifts and why you should be doing it

If you’re the type of person who is constantly searching for the best exercises for your body, I am quite positive that you come across the deadlift.

The deadlift is one of the best compound exercises out there. Compound exercises are exercises that target more than one muscle groups at a time.

So, what are deadlifts? In this article, I will tell you what a deadlift is and the reasons why you should be doing it.

A deadlift is a compound exercise where you will lift a dead weight (in most cases, lifting a barbell from the ground) in a certain way. I said a “certain way’ because you need to exercises proper form when doing deadlifts.

Now, why are deadlifts amazing? The deadlift is a great exercise because it uses all of the major muscle groups per rep. This includes the traps, the lower back, the glutes, the posterior chain, the hamstrings, the calves, the lats, and the core (or abs).

Now that you know the muscle groups that the Deadlift hits, here are the top reasons why you should be incorporating the deadlift into your exercise regimen:

  1. It increases your Core Strength. Your Core muscles are important when you want to lift heavy. Your core muscles include your upper and lower back, your buttocks, your abs, and your hips. Each rep of the deadlift makes use of these core muscles and over time, you will improve your core strength manifold.
  2. Deadlifts also improve your functional Strength. Among all the other compound exercises, the deadlift simulates real world activities. Deadlifts increase your functional strength. When doing physical labor, for example, you lift heavy objects from the ground. If you’re doing deadlifts, your functional strength will increase a lot so doing all of the lifting from the ground will be a cinch for you.
  3. It is a great muscle mass builder. Since deadlifts use all of the major muscle groups at the same time, it is the perfect exercise if you want to increase your overall muscle mass. If you’re going to bulk up or you just want to improve your posture, then the deadlift is the best exercise for you.
  4. Deadlifts improve your overall health. When doing deadlifts, your body produces more testosterone. Not only that but Deadlifts also improve your cardio and it also helps improve your mood because each rep of the deadlift lets your body produce feel-good hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin.
  5. Great Fat Burner. When you’re going to do some exercise, you want to have an exercise that targets a lot of muscles at the same time. And there is no better compound exercise out there other than the deadlift. Because this exercise utilizes a lot of muscle groups at the same time, you are guaranteed to burn more fat than any other exercise out there.

I hope this article has convinced you to do more deadlifts. If you haven’t done any deadlifts yet, better start today to enjoy the health benefits the deadlift brings.

NesDS Emulator for the Nintendo 3DS

Back in the day, it was the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) that got me hooked in playing video games. Obviously, the console is already very ancient in today’s terms.

A lot of really nice games were released on the NES platform and it would be a shame if people cannot experience it. Luckily, a lot of people have developed an emulator so that you can play NES games on whatever gaming console you use.

In this article, I will share with you a very handy NES emulator in the form of the NESDS. The NesDS Emulator for the Nintendo 3DS is a NES emulator specifically designed for people who have a Nintendo 3DS.

Before you can install and launch the NesDS, however, you may need to have an R4 3DS card first. R4 3DS cards bypass the security checks of the Nintendo 3DS so that you can install games and homebrew applications on your 3DS.

If you want to install the NesDS emulator on your Nintendo 3DS console, you need to have the following things:

  • Nintendo 3DS console
  • R4 3DS card of your choosing
  • A microSD card (I prefer the 32GB storage capacity so you can cram a lot of applications and games to it)

If you have these three things, then we shall get started in installing the NesDS emulator on your Nintendo 3DS portable gaming console. Here’s how to install the NesDS:

  1. Download the official NesDS emulator from their official website.
  2. Copy all of the contents of the NesDS emulator on the root directory of your microSD card.
  3. Create a folder and name it “NES”. Inside the NES folder, create two folders and name them “SAVES” and “ROMS”. Make sure that they are all capitalized.
  4. Download your favorite NES game on the internet. Put your downloaded NES ROMs and put them inside the ROMS folder.
  5. Insert the microSD card into your R4 3DS card and plug it in your Nintendo 3DS.
  6. Power on your Nintendo 3DS and a prop stating if you want to install NesDS will appear. Click yes on the prompt and install the NesDS emulator on your console.
  7. Once done, just load up the game you want to play and you’re done! If you save your games, the saved files will automatically be put in the SAVES folder.

It is that easy to install the NesDS emulator on your Nintendo 3DS. The most important thing to note is that you will need an R4 3DS card. Without an R4 3DS card, you will not be able to install the NesDS or any other homebrew application or games. You wouldn’t want that, right?

There are many R4 3DS cards out there and if you’re struggling to find which one works best for you, then I suggest you choose either the Gateway3DS or the Sky3DS as these are premium cards.

If you do not buy these premium cards, it is still okay. Just make sure that you will not fall for those fake R4 3DS cards out on the market.

You can now play NES games on your Nintendo 3DS. Install the NesDS emulator on your Nintendo 3DS today.

Amped Wireless Touchscreen WiFi Range Extender (TAP-EX)

As I am writing this article, I am at the comfort of my living room with my laptop with me. I am able to do this in the living room where my router is nearby. But, when I try to write this article somewhere far from the router, I start to have connection issues.

That is because my house is built with thick walls, which is one of the main culprits of low WiFi-signal reception. To eliminate this, I would need the help of a WiFi range extender.

Now, there are a lot of WiFi range extenders out there. Some of them sport a wall-plug design which takes up little space, and there are also some that have their own built-in touchscreens so you can set up the router directly on the unit.

Today, we are going to discuss the latter. I am going to be showing you a product that is one of the best wifi range extenders on the market. I am referring to the Amped Wireless Touchscreen WiFi Range Extender (TAP-EX).

To help us know more about the Amped Wireless Touchscreen WiFi Range Extender (TAP-EX), here are its features:

  • Universally compatible with any Wi-Fi router and delivers up to 10,000 sq. ft. of coverage, eliminating Wi-Fi dead spots.
  • Touch Screen setup completes in minutes, no computers or other devices needed.
  • Features high power amplifiers and antennas for maximum performance and range.
  • Compact & elegant design for discreet desktop or wall-mounted placement.
  • Modern digital clock display available when the screen is not in use.
  • Built with 2 Ethernet ports for bridging in PCs, game consoles etc, and 1 USB file sharing port.

Most other WiFi range extenders require a computer or laptop to set it up and running. But not the Amped Wireless Touchscreen WiFi Range Extender. All the setting up will be done on the router itself thanks to its fully capacitative touchscreen.

When the Amped Wireless Touchscreen WiFi Range Extender does its job of extending Wifi signals and its dormant at that (meaning you’re not touching any settings), it will display a clock showing the time. Think of it as the extender’s screensaver. I think it is actually pretty neat as it acts as a range extender and a clock at the same time.

The Amped Wireless Touchscreen WiFi Range Extender has two Ethernet LAN ports if you want to hook up gaming consoles or your laptops, for example.

The Wifi range extender also has 2 high gain antennas so it can effectively retransmit your current router’s signals even to the far reaches of your home or office. In fact, it can support distances of up to 10,000 sq. ft!

As far as the design goes, the Amped Wireless Touchscreen WiFi Range Extender sports a black and gray color scheme and it is minimalistic and small. Even though it doesn’t have a wall-plug design, this wifi range extender will take up only a small amount of space.

With great WiFi range extending capabilities, a fully capacitative touchscreen, 2 Ethernet LAN ports, and high gain antennas, the Amped Wireless Touchscreen WiFi Range Extender is a really good Wifi range extender. This product retails at $85.

R4i Gold 3DS Card

There are a lot of R4 3DS cards being sold online nowadays, and you want to have the genuine R4 3DS cards. Most of the retailers offer fake flashcarts and they can be dangerous to your Nintendo 3DS.

Fortunately, I am going to introduce you to one of the genuine R4 3DS cards there courtesy of R4i Toronto. This is the R4i Gold 3DS card. This R4 3DS card is also compatible with DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS XL. r4i-gold-3ds

Why do I recommend this R4 3DS card? Well, it has a lot of features that will truly unlock the potential of your Nintendo 3DS gaming console. Here are its main features:

  • The First R4i 3DS Card Supports Nintendo 3DS
  • The world’s first host system to support the DSi upgrade to V1.41
  • Compatible with all DS editions of different kinds of language
  • Supports DSL / DSi / LL / XL
  • Supports Action Replay cheat
  • DLDI auto-patching
  • Support SDHC (Micro SD 4G,8G,16G,32G)
  • 2nd generation storage device (no booting tool required)
  • Flush fitting slot 1 card
  • Uses MicroSD card, FAT16 or 32
  • Supports any MicroSD card speed with no lag in game
  • Supports Clean ROM, drag and drop. Works on any OS
  • Built in NoPass
  • Automatically detect save type
  • Save directly to MicroSD card, not to onboard chip
  • Supports Moonshell and other homebrew.
  • User friendly skinnable interface. Touchscreen or button operation
  • Supports rumble pak and memory pak
  • Supports the WiFi game, DS Rumble Pak, DS Browser
  • Supports changes of the background of Operation Interface
  • Support Skin DIY by setting background and font colors on Main Menu and Game Menu manually and automatically
  • Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment ( DS Lite only )
  • Supports the Soft Reset.
  • moonshell 2.02 support Software Reset function( Press START key back to the R4 menu)

This is a very interesting card because you can install the homebrew application called Moonshell. Moonshell allows you to play DPG videos as well as mp3 files on your Nintendo 3DS. You can also read ebooks on your console as well, which is an absolutely amazing feature.

When you buy the R4i Gold 3DS card, you will also receive a 16GB SDHC memory card. This is enough storage for all your needs, may it be different homebrew applications and games.

A lot of customers are happily using this card, let’s look at some of the reviews:

PJ: “This is an awesome R4 card. I was able to save my games via the save state feature and I am able to come back to the game without ever going to the hassle of finding a save point!”

Rica: “A lot of my friends urge me to try this R4 card because of its features and affordability. I am happy that I did! I can now enjoy all these features that I would normally not have. This card is absolutely incredible!”

The R4i Gold 3DS card is priced at $49.99. If you order today, you will have a $10 discount which will result in a $39.99 price tag.

Saffron Extract – a good supplements?

Getting Saffron Extract to Work for You as You Lose Weight

More and more people are becoming conscious of their weight because the medical field is calling much attention to the problems that people have with weight gain. This is really because of the way we live our lives today. With the current society demanding more and more time from us, we often cut back on certain activities that we usually need to spend time on, such as food preparation. If in the past we would take time to prepare healthy meals, now we settle for fast food chains that rely on frying as the main method of cooking, and that just leads to the body creating more fat within our system as well.

Although there are a lot of pills and diets that are being offered to people right now, one of the more recent additions in what is called the saffron extract. This is not a new ingredient or chemical, since saffron has been a spice in India, used from the time the ancient civilization was just starting. However, its contribution to the weight loss industry is fairly new. It all is rooted in the body’s need of a chemical named serotonin.

Serotonin is a chemical needed for us to achieve a certain high. Whenever we feel depressed, our body identifies the feeling and calls for its manufacture. However, the ingredients need to be present, and one of the ingredients that are called for would be sugar. So when this happens, we start craving for sweet items. If they are not readily available, then we go for carbohydrates that would also be changed into sugar once it enters our system. So we do feel happy, but the exchange is that we also feel a bit heavier because of the excess energy that the body will store as fat.

Saffron extract helps the body lose weight by taking the place of sugar. So when the body needs serotonin, we do not crave for the sweet stuff anymore because the production of the chemical can already take place. We do not need to deal with the binge eating that everyone goes through during depression, and that takes care of the excess weight gain that we go through when we feel stressed. What we will need to do then is take care of whatever we already have, and just put that down to more acceptable levels.

The difficulty with the other diets and weight loss solutions is the fact that they are often very temporary. Of course they would show the drastic weight loss that most people would really rave about, but if it is one of those diets that involve detoxification, then the results could be somewhat misleading. Detoxification diets involve the cleaning of the digestive system, and that very cleaning means that a lot of items are flushed out along with a lot of water. Since we are composed of 80% water, we would have a lot of water to flush out. When that water returns though, then we would notice that the initial loss of ten or fifteen pounds would be reduced to a loss of perhaps just five or so pounds.

The real key to weight loss is the acceptance of the fact that we need to lose weight, and that we would have to change our lifestyle in order to achieve this. We control what we eat, we get rid of the excess and we live healthy. The saffron extract will help us control our emotions, make us happier and help us avoid the binge eating that we often try to avoid but end up doing anyway.

Discovering The Right Games Console By Nintendo

It could be a significant obstacle to decide on which Nintendo games system is perfect for you. As many as five models tend to be accessible at the moment that stand for Nintendo 3DS group. Therefore exactly what are the selections that exist? There are, needless to say, unique kinds of 3DS along with 3DS XL. And then, needless to say, you have the wedge-formed Nintendo 2DS.

It’s not a secret that more recent versions have a few gains over older types, yet are these enough? This is what we are going to make an effort to answer in the following paragraphs. We now have prepared good info concerning the video games consoles that are going to permit you to definitely easily pick the right Nintendo gaming console for your requirements.
As for sizing window screens, 2DS and even 3DS units contain display screen dimensions that are identical. Nevertheless, the particular 2DS window screens are in fact portion of a single, flat display screen which is separated into two by the plastic material display surround associated with the particular gaming system. That tends to make 2DS a lot easier to produce. And, of course, this leads to cheaper cost regarding this particular gaming console.
Just as the particular name suggests, the 3DS has 3D top screen, while the 2DS doesn’t have three dimensional by any means. It happens to be clear that 2DS is additionally less expensive because of this factor. You can select the power of three dimensional effect by using little sliders along the side of the particular display which 3DS has got. This specific function may be powered down if perhaps you intend to.
Autostereoscopic 3D is the form of three-dimensional which is used in these games consoles. You have to keep the head motionless whilst using this engineering which doesn’t require glasses. This brings about eyesight pain along with headaches in certain folks, which is another reason for Nintendo to produce the particular 2DS – specifically because of the charm it possesses for youngsters.
Your motions are generally monitored through the unit with the aid of digital cameras that are in the front of the particular unit. This particular technology is brand new and is now currently being used by means of Nintendo. According to your movement, the three dimensional effect is undoubtedly modified and you’ll feel actual three dimensional vision. Super Stable 3D – that is certainly exactly how this particular technology is named.
We discovered the particular 3 dimensional effect is more good at new games consoles, not just since it is more dependable and permits you to put it to use whenever travelling or perhaps upon trains and buses, but as the colour duplication is better when compared to the 2D picture.
A number of people are choosing 3DS considering the fact that they feel that 2DS will not be able to operate virtually all game titles but that is not true. Gone will be the issues when playing any kind of video game – it’s no distinction if perhaps you use 3DS or 2DS.
Yet precisely how is it possible, you could inquire. Each and every 3DS game has a selection for 3D but it’s certainly not a requirement – virtually all consoles make use of the same type of CPU and also sensors. Generally, just about all units can perform exactly the same things. Nevertheless if you want the game titles to generally be loaded speedier, you should decide on newest types since they possess quicker processor chips.
If you aren’t enthusiastic about 3D features, or perhaps really are a more youthful individual, 2DS may seem like an intelligent get. There are also fewer elements that can break up so the durability of 2DS is way better. 3DS is actually a better choice in case you consider oneself to be an encountered player.

Nintendo 3DS upgrades

Nintendo’s 3D Venture

The 3DS is the result of Nintendo’s two-decade experiment with 3D imagery. Since the 80’s, the worldwide leader in gaming technology has developed several handheld consoles enhancing the illusion of depth in images to revolutionize gaming experience. But there was minimal success when Nintendo first introduced 3D gaming in handheld consoles. A tie-up project with the HAL Laboratory produced the Famicom Grand Prix II, Nintendo’s first 3D-enabled handheld console. Contrary to expectations, this first 3D-enabled device of Nintendo received cold acceptance in the market. It was in fact never released outside Japan.

StreetPass and Virtual Console

In 2011, Nintendo released 3DS, boasting of the device’s StreetPass and Virtual Console features. The StreetPass provides a convenient interactive mechanism that allows gamers to communicate with one another by merely passing each other. No Internet connection is needed. It creates an avenue where Nintendo game players can do match-ups with friends and even strangers while walking on the street or eating at their favorite restaurants. Wherever you may be, as long as other game players are within range, you can connect with them through StreetPass. For additional convenience, this particular feature utilizes a light indicator system, letting you know if a fellow gamer is online or if you received a notification that needs response.

The Virtual Console is also one of the highlights of the Nintendo 3DS. Its backward compatibility with older video game systems gives owners the power to relive nostalgic non-3D games. Virtual Console is a portal where you can download and play games released originally for predecessor devices such as the Nintendo DS.

3DS Design

The physical design of the 3DS does not seem to be too different from the DSi or DS Lite. It is mostly plastic and in the same clamshell shape with a dual-screen. However, it has a larger 3D upper screen with higher resolution. This results in enhanced graphics, making the game play more enjoyable. Another notable change is the larger analog control pad of the 3DS that is similar to the Sony PSP’s analog pad. It slides around a circular area just like in PSP but feels more durable and comfortable to move.

An All-in-One Unit

Along with these amazing features, the Nintendo 3DS is considered to be an all-in-one unit with its built-in music player, sound recorder and two cameras. This handheld console is not made only for gaming. Its music player allows you to listen to songs while you play. And just because this is a bonus, it does not mean that it has inferior quality. The 3DS sound system has options for surround system and stereo mode. The high-powered built-in microphone, on the other hand, allows you to record even the subtlest of sounds. Another added feature is the new and improved two-camera set-up of the 3DS. The two-lens 3D camera at the back panel does not work alone to produce 3D photos. It now has a tandem in the form of a front-facing camera placed at the upper screen that captures 2D photos.

Finally, what gives this handheld console an edge over its competitors is its 2.4 GHz processor. Compared to the PSP Go and the PSP 3000, the R4 Nintendo 3DS has the most powerful processor, providing faster and smoother download and game play.

2013 Top Nintendo Handheld Console

Although the first launch of the Nintendo 3DS did not reach the expected returns, the company’s decision to cut almost one third of its price yielded very favorable results. In fact, after the price cut, the Nintendo 3DS sold about 185,000 more units in 19 days. It was the highest-selling system of Nintendo in 2013, reaching sales of up to 11.5 million units. This prompted Nintendo to develop more iterations of the 3DS version, creating a new 3DS line.